Charity Hallmarks

The UK Charity Commission has distilled "good practice" for charities into six easy to understand "Hallmarks".  If you follow these "Hallmarks" you, your supporters and beneficiaries, and the general public can have confidence that your charity is being well run and fulfilling its mission.

There are six Hallmarks, and can be summarised as follows:

-        your charity should be clear about it's direction
-        your governing body should have the right mix of skills and experience
-        you should achieve your purpose and deliver your services efficiently
-        from time to time you should assess your performance to help improve your efficiency
-        you should have the financial resources to deliver your mission
-        you should be accountable and transparent

The UK Charity Commission has published a guide that explains these Hallmarks, and tells you how you can achieve them, which can be found by clicking here.