Army Benevolent Fund The Soldiers' Charity

AGC Membership No. 9
Guernsey Registered Charity number CH251 *

*The Guernsey Registry is responsible for administration of the registers of charities and non-profit organisations. The number indicated above was originally issued to the charity, but this is not an indication that registration is up to date. Please see for a current list of registered organisations

Description Aims and Objectives

The army’s central charity to help soldiers, ex-soldiers and their families who are in need by making grants:

1. To assist dependants of those killed in service.
2. To help rehabilitation of the wounded and injured.
3. To lessen suffering from the legacy of wounds.
4. To improve the quality of life for war pensioners with limited mobility.
5. To assist with nursing and residential fees.
6. To give supplementary support to state pensions.
7. To support other specialist charities that help ex-soldiers and their dependants.

Organisation and Management

The A.B.F. Controller and staff manage the main administration from London, working through regional organisers and fund-raising committees.

Contact Details
Brigadier B. Cash
(01481) 727072  


Volunteers Needed